Rooted Beginnings: My Journey and Birth of
SouthCoast Native Landscapes


I am Cory Arruda, the proud founder of SouthCoast Native Landscapes. Since my earliest days, I have been deeply connected to the natural world. Pursuing my education at Northern Vermont University, I immersed myself in outdoor education, while also exploring the realm of alternative medicine through a minor. Alongside like-minded peers, our adventures were rooted in the great outdoors—backpacking, rock climbing, and my personal favorite, foraging. During this time, I eagerly explored the fascinating world of edible and medicinal plants that were abundant in my surroundings, unveiling an expansive realm of native flora with seemingly endless uses. What began as a hobby soon grew into a profound and enduring passion.


Upon returning to Massachusetts after graduation, I discovered a limited demand for careers in outdoor education. Determined to continue working outside and refusing to take up a career indoors, I ended up getting into landscaping. Along the way, while taking on side gigs for extra income under the name Arruda Landscaping, I realized that conventional landscaping practices failed to align with my core values. Existing companies seemed trapped in a closed-loop system, focusing primarily on tasks like mulching, mowing, and seasonal cleanups, with little consideration for the intricate and delicate ecological systems that fascinated me.


This realization sparked a transformative journey. Drawing upon my experience in landscaping and ecology, I created SouthCoast Native Landscapes. My mission is fueled by an unwavering drive to restore native plants and revive biodiversity within our local ecosystems. By inspiring homeowners, schools, and businesses to embrace new landscaping tactics, I aim to create a long-lasting, positive impact. No matter the size of your property, everyone can contribute to this vital conservation effort. Together, we can each play a role in restoring our landscapes with the rich tapestry of native life they once embraced.


Join me on this journey as we unleash the true potential of nature and forge a brighter, more sustainable future for our environment, and future generations of humanity.